Read a receipt

Use MySalesTax App to take a Photo of your receipt. We will Read out the Tax lines & Total Line and add the Tax to your running Total for that year. We Store your Receipts on Our Secure Server for 7 years to support your deduction in case of IRS audit. Add customized Tags to your receipts for easy lookup and Retrieval and print your Receipts to return items bought months ago.

When its time to file your taxes, simply check your year's total Tax spending and enter that number for year dollar for dollar deduction on your Schedule A.

Track expenses & Share Receipts with Connectivity

Export Receipt Data to your favourite Accounting Software or Microsoft Excel with click of a botton.

Easily customize expenses to track household Spending accross different Stores or Items.

During Tax Season , Share all or Some of your Receipts & Sales Tax Data with your accountant in one click.



Store your receipts online and on the go with our mobile app. In under 30 seconds, Read your receipt & verify the sales tax total. You can come back to browse and categorize your receipt at any time.


With no limit to the number of receipts you can upload. MySalesTaxApp is perfect for storing your years of spending all in one place.


Search your receipts by store name, total amount or any type customized Category Tags.


In our next release, the head of household will be able to link his or her dependent's accounts to their own and be able to track the sales tax spending of the whole family.

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